Terms of Service

Job Well Done Cleaning Terms of Service

Thank you for your business. We look forward to providing a ‘job well done’ for you. Please be aware of our policy for a first time cleaning, a one time cleaning, an occasional cleaning, or a move-in or move-out cleaning service.

When scheduling services with us by phone or by using our services, you agree to these basic terms of service as stipulated below. 

Job Well Done Cleaning services are for the agreed-upon dollar amount and an agreed-upon specific outcome, either a per hour charge or a ‘flat rate’ charge. For being charged an hourly rate, and since home and office conditions vary, we may not be able to complete the job in the time available. In such a case, we will work with you to determine another cleaning, at another time, for an additional charge. We always guarantee a ‘job well done.’

Cash, personal checks, and credit/debit cards are accepted. Returned checks, however, will incur a $30 service charge.  

We will try to be understanding that ‘life happens,’ and that ‘surprises’ occur requiring rescheduling. If the client needs to change the day or time of cleaning, we will try to be flexible, however, a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for any changes or cancellations. Cancellations for less than 48 hours, result in a charge for the full amount of the previously agreed upon rate or an agreed-upon reset date. In all cases, let common sense prevail so that there is a ‘win-win’ for both the customer and Job Well Done Cleaning.

General Disclaimer
Although Job Well Done Cleaning takes caution and is bonded and insured, when using any cleaning products or equipment provided by the customer, please understand that we cannot be held accountable for damages caused by these cleaning products or equipment.

If possible, we prefer that the customer be home or in the office the first time that Job Well Done Cleaning comes to clean. This policy assures you that:

      1. Job Well Done Cleaning is aware of your priorities and concerns and that we are concentrating on your areas of concern.
      2. You can observe Job Well Done Cleaning in action and you can give us a heads up on any problem areas.
      3. You can do a final walk-through with us to determine if everything has been done to your satisfaction before Job Well Done Cleaning leaves your home or office.

When a customer is not going to be home or in the office, Job Well Done Cleaning will do the very best possible job we can. If there is a problem with the cleaning in any of the areas that we cleaned, we ask you to call Lawrence within 24 hours to share your concerns. 

Property Condition Disclaimer
It is always our goal to provide a ‘job well done.’ We do, however, need to let you know that our estimates are based on the assumption that your property is in average condition. There are some occasions where our assessment of the time needed to clean may be inaccurate. The situations we are referring to may include one or more of the following circumstances:

      • The property is not vacant, or people are working on the property that causes additional tracking in and out of dirt. We can not be expected to re-clean in the allotted time.
      • We cannot do our job without water or electricity.
      • We do not clean things such things as pet urine, feces smells, excessive mold and mildew, sewage backup, flood damage, smoke damage, the smell of smoke, windows (unless requested and agreed upon), and carpets. These are outside the scope of the work that we typically provide. 
      • Our initial estimates do not generally include areas that have not been cleaned for a long time that have excessive dirt and grime or caked-on dirt. Properties that have not been adequately cleaned on a regular basis always require more time, at an additional charge.

      • We always try to provide a ‘job well done,’ within the time frame allotted, however, everyone’s standards vary. We may not be able to satisfy your landlord or a new owner with an initial cleaning. In that case, additional work may be contracted.
      •  The following areas are not included in our typical cleaning and may require additional time, at an additional charge: mildew in tiles, ingrained toilet rings, hard water stains, bathtub calcification, entire walls, damage from smoke or nicotine, excessive grease on the stovetop, inside ovens, range hoods, a refrigerator that has been turned off with food left inside, cleaning of construction sites or dirt from remodeling, hoarder trash, or garage cleanups.

In all cases, once we leave your property, we will have fully met our contractual obligation to you. If there are areas that still need to be cleaned after we leave, we will be happy to provide additional cleaning on a different day at an additional charge.

We will do the best possible job we can in the agreed-upon time and/or for the agreed-upon ‘flat-rate.’ Our goal is to leave you with ‘A Job Well Done.’