Job Well Done Cleaning“Cleaning so you don’t have to!”

There are numerous cleaning services out there you can hire, and they will be happy to come in and clean for you.  If you’re looking for more individualized service, below are some common questions that may help you manage expectations.

Is there anything I need to know when having a cleaning for the first time?
As with most things in life, the key here is really to help us understand the job we’re being hired for. Be clear about how big — and exactly how dirty — your home or office is, so you can book the appropriate type of service and the right amount of time. If you have not had a cleaning in over six months, please let us know.

How much should I tip my house cleaner?
If you’re hiring an individual cleaner, it is common to tip. Opinions vary on the amount, but the standard range of 10% to 20% is standard. Keep in mind that it’s always your decision.

Should I pre-clean or do any prep work before my house cleaner arrives?
Depending on the type of cleaning you want to be done, and how much you’re willing to pay, it is helpful to clear up clutter ahead of time. Remember, any time spent picking up is time not cleaning — and you may be paying for that time.

Pick up clothes and toys, newspapers, magazines and put away fragile things or irreplaceable heirlooms. If you can’t put them away, point them out to us so we know to be extra careful around them.

We honestly don’t judge you if your house is dirty. Chances are, we’ve seen worse. 🙂 (Lawrence has actually removed a rat once from under the sofa in a customer’s living room.)

Can I be home while someone cleans my home or office?
We encourage you to be away for as long as possible in order to minimize distractions and ensure a more thorough clean.

What about my pets?
As for your pets, make sure your house cleaner is aware of any pets. If your pet is friendly then there generally is no problem.

Are there tools I have to provide to a house cleaner?
If you prefer to use your own cleaning products, leave them out so the cleaners can use them. We prefer to use eco-friendly cleaners, however, not only for your health but ours as well. On occasion, the task may require stronger products, so please be aware of this.

We bring everything, including a vacuum cleaner, paper towels, towels, a mop, and a step stool to help us to get to those hard-to-reach areas.

Let us know if any appliances or fixtures are in disrepair or broken.

I’ve heard about your company, and I would really like it for you to clean for me, but I’m outside your service area. Would you consider me?
Sometimes, we are able to clean homes or small offices outside of our normal service area. It depends on a few conditions. Give us a call!  Let’s discuss the options.