sheets and pillow cases

The Interesting People I Meet

In my line of business, you meet interesting people all the time.

How about the guy who is a piano teacher and has been the music director for several local musicals. Currently, he is also a counselor at a Muslim high school even though he’s Christian – and he likes it!

Also, I have a client who has become a friend, lending me her company van when my van would be in the shop, and mine was unfortunately there off and on for over seven months. Cleaning for her is an opportunity, as she has over 30 cats! Some are in the house, and some are in the cat room. They’re everywhere! They’re everywhere!

Then there’s the guy who referred us to his ex-wife and son because he likes our work. (The son, who paid me, is a urologist in the Midwest. He had flown in for the holidays.) Some people don’t even communicate with their exes. This guy gives me business.

We also had a guy who had an infestation of cockroaches, and the cockroaches brought in their friends and relatives. We’ve finally gotten it down to just one or two of those boogers – every now and then.

Another client is a millionaire with three vehicles in his driveway that he can’t drive due to health issues. I think I’m really there to converse with him because we talk, have coffee together (or even have breakfast at a local restaurant), and then I do a little bit of cleaning.

In my business, tips don’t always have to be cash. There’s a client who gifts me with steaks, chorizo, fish, and always a meal. The other day, he sent me home with a cooler full of food.

I also get to meet lots of interesting people due to the Airbnb and Vrbo customers we get to clean up for after their visit. These are folks from all over the United States who provide exciting conversations. We had some clients recently that didn’t sleep in the beds; they pulled the sheets and comforters out of the closet and slept on the floors. Maybe that’s how they sleep in their country.

All these people make for interesting days. You never know what the excitement is for the day.

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